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  • Image: Steakhouse L’Fanà

  • Image: Steakhouse L’Fanà

Restaurant in La Villa, Alta Badia, with grilled meat specialities

Steakhouse L’Fanà Food & Wine

Surrounded by the imposing Dolomites, Alta Badia is a never-ending surprise, even from the gastronomic point of view! A good proof is the Steakhouse L’Fanà Food & Wine – a restaurant in La Villa, Alta Badia with scrumptious grilled meat specialities, served in a rustic and romantic ambience. Defining it as a “gourmet restaurant” is too limited – it’s the warm and family-like atmosphere, created by Carmen and Klaus, who treat every single guest with utmost hospitality, that makes the difference here. The cuisine of the Steakhouse L’Fanà is inspired by the local traditions, yet offers interesting “deviations” towards the best meats originating from all over the world, such as bison, Angus or precious Wagyu Kobe meat. Perfect pairings are guaranteed by the rich wine list, totally composed of excellent Italian brands – one more reason to visit L’Fanà, the restaurant that will remain impressed in your heart.
Every day open from 5.00 pm to 1.00 am
Str. Colz, 57
39036 La Villa (BZ)
Alta Badia South Tyrol Dolomites
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